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Knowledge About The Infrared Bridge Type Stone Trimming Machine
2019-04-12 15:23:57

Infrared bridge type stone trimming machine is also called Infrared stone cutting machine. Its main function is to cut the polished wool board quickly, accurately and continuously according to the requirements of standard specifications.

Infrared bridge type stone trimming machine belongs to high-precision cutting machinery, which requires professional technicians to be present for technical guidance and installation in accordance with equipment procedures. In order to ensure the reliability of the construction period, the inspection must be carried out according to the specified indicators after installation.

Infrared bridge type stone trimming machine is suitable for granite, marble, cement products, asbestos products, craft products and so on.

Preparations for Trial Operation of Infrared Bridge Type Stone Trimming Machine

1. Make a thorough inspection of the whole external connection and fasteners to confirm that they have been fastened properly.

2. All reducers, spindle boxes, rotating parts and moving parts shall be filled with lubricating oil according to regulations.

3. Check whether the lights are normal.

4. Check whether the emergency stop button is reliable and effective, etc.

Safety protection device function When any safety protection switch or emergency stop switch of infrared bridge cutting machine operates, the safety relay immediately operates, cutting off the main circuit power supply to avoid accidents.



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