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Cautions In The Use Of Diamond Disc Stone Sawing Machine
2019-03-26 15:21:15

Before starting the diamond disc stone sawing machine , in order to ensure safety, it is necessary to confirm whether the saw blade of the diamond saw is damaged or not, and if it is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to use it; the diamond saw machine manufacturer believes that the cutting machine must have a safety passport, the operator must wear safety clothes, protective mask, safety cap, etc; before assembling, the power supply must be cut off, and the matching error between the motor shaft and the central hole of the saw blade must be less than 0. 1 mm.

The saw blade facilities of diamond disc stone sawing machine are in good condition. The spindle has no deformation, no diameter jump, solid installation, no vibration and so on. Check whether the saw blade is damaged, whether the tooth profile is complete, whether the saw plate is smooth and smooth, and whether there are any other abnormalities and other common conditions to ensure safe use. When a diamond disc stone sawing machine manufacturer assembles, the arrow direction of the saw blade of the diamond saw machine is determined to be the same as that of the spindle rotation direction of the facility equipment. Below our company tell you about the use of saw blades caution, I hope to help you:

1. The diamond saw should pay attention to keeping the arrow direction on the saw blade consistent with the rotation direction of the saw blade tools used in the diamond disc stone sawing machine; before cutting, do not apply side pressure and curve cutting, feed the tool smoothly, avoid the impact of the blade on the workpiece, so as to avoid danger; do not carry out long-term continuous dry cutting, so as to avoid affecting the service life and cutting effect of the saw blade.

2.  When abnormal sound and vibration, rough cutting surface or odor are found in diamond disc stone sawing machine, the operation must be stopped immediately and checked as soon as possible so as to avoid accidents. When starting and stopping cutting, the cutter should not enter too fast to avoid tooth breakage and damage.

3. If a diamond disc stone sawing machine cuts aluminium alloy or other metals, a special cooling lubricant should be used to prevent the diamond saw blade from overheating, producing blurred teeth and other damage, which will affect the quality and quality of the cutting products. Facilities and equipment chip removal trough and slag suction device to ensure smooth, in order to prevent slag agglomeration, affecting production, processing and safety.

4. When the diamond disc stone sawing machine is dry-cut, please do not cut continuously for a very long time, so as not to affect the service life and good cutting effect of the diamond saw blade; when cutting the wet blade, water should be cut to prevent leakage of electricity.


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